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How to Sell in a Competivite Market

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Essay title: How to Sell in a Competivite Market

1. Advertise! Whether you buy classified ads in e-zines, (magazines on the net,) have kids distribute fliers around your neighborhood, or call 10 people each day, your business won't go without a little publicity. Make sure your ads talk directly to your prospects' most pressing problems. That's a surefire way to get their attention and interest. You have to have pictures and you truly have to tell the customer about the product. First off, you have to ask the prospected customer what he or she is looking for. Ask if they want to be going off road, or on the other hand, are they going to use the truck as a commuter vehicle? If the latter is true, you have to refer the prospected customer to another line of truck or car. remember, a person is not a customer until they actually buy something, so be careful not to jump to conclusions. And most of all, do not be pushy.

2. Include your price in the ad. Ever see an ad with no price and

figure, "I can't afford that. I'm not even going to ask?" You'd be surprised how many people feel just like that. Include your price and you'll see an immediate increase in the number of people who

show interest. If the prospected customer asks the price, tell him. DonЎ¦t avoid the question, this turns prospected customers away. Even better, tell them right off that the price is $19,945.00, and be to tell them of any dealer incentives that are going on. Dont throw in too many freebees, but in order to make the sale, or make the sale sweeter, you have to give them something. Make them feel that they are getting something for nothing, this makes them feel really good about purchasing this item. A good thing to throw in is an alarm system. This gives the feeling that you want to protect your customers investment.

3. Make yourself available to interested prospects. I know you can't be in all places at all time, but let prospects know how you can be reached, then answer their questions as fast as you can. Some people like to buy on Sunday. So if you are not available, you wont get the sale. Remember, he or she who hustles gets the sale. Carry a cell-phone, give the prospect your card, tell them to call you every day and night until all of their questions are answered. Chances are that they wont do this, but it is good to give them the option.

4. Build a reputation for good, honest value. No matter how much

advertising you do in the media, most of your clients will still come from word-of-mouth. On average, when someone feels like they got a good deal from you, they'll tell 10 friends. And a recommendation from a friend is worth more than 50 high-priced TV commercials. People believe their friends!

5. Don't give up! Advertising experts say that the first ad never works. You've got to advertise, make those calls, follow-up on that interested prospect over and over again. Persistence is the key to sales. Not getting sales? Your best bet might be to try one more time.

You have to be able to tell your prospect where your product is in the market. Show them where the resale values are, and show statistics on how many people are actually buying the product today! To do all of this effectively, you have to do in depth research on the truck. You need to go into Toyotas database and extract the information that you need, and M-E-M-O-R-I-Z-E it. You will not sell to a customer when you are talking off a 3x5 card!!!

DRIVE IT! Yeah, take it home, go to Las Vegas for the weekend, take pictures of it, do everything possible for you to know the truck inside and out. Study feature benefit charts, make your own! Also, you have to, on your own time, test drive all of the other trucks on the market, so you yourself will also be convinced that you are selling the best. We wouldnЎ¦t want you to lie now would we?

No one is going to sell anything looking like a bum, wear a suit and tie, or something along those lines. Be comfortable, but please, do not take advantage of that offer!

Approaching the Customer for the first time!

„h The approach is the first face-to-face contact with a customer.

„h Most salespeople can make or break a sale during the first few minutes of the sales process.

To begin a conversation, you need to be alert to what interests the customer. You have to be observant and perceptive from the moment the customer walks on the lot.

To establish

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