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Hr Roles and Responsibility

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Essay title: Hr Roles and Responsibility

HR Roles and Responsibilities

Sometime do we understand the new workforce? The job is a historical phenomenon and has a very limited life expectancy. One the main source of job loss in America has been because of the lower cost of labor in different other countries. Information technology is a debt so that is causing the jobs to disband. In today’s society human resource management is an important aspect to the company.

Human resource management functions are planning, organizing staffing, leading, controlling. Human resource does much more than we think. Human resource involves analyzing work and designing jobs, recruiting, choosing employees, training and development, performance management, compensation, employee relations. In today's working world things are changing everyday. Human resources managers of today must develop knowledge of the business. The new role of Human resource is a strategic core competency rather than a market foll ower. Human resource focuses on business level outcomes rather than Human resource level inputs. The strategic competency is very important rather than functional expertise. Human resource is also responsible for defining an organizational structure as the model for the company's way of doing business (Allen, 2006).

Reading an Article called “New Roles for Leaders: an HRD inquiry”, the article was interesting getting the opinions of team leaders dealing with the new roles of HR. They stated just a summary, “Several organizational leaders were interviewed to identify the new roles that they are now compelled to assume. Conversations with the team leaders revealed that they help the team solve problems by asking the right questions, those that are intended to find out if the team is doing all it can to deal with the situation. Team leaders also act as trainers to help members acquire necessary job and team skills, as advisers to team members when they meet difficulties, and as facilitators of team interactions whose main responsibilities are to ensure balanced participation of members, clarify what has been discussed and encourage the exploration of alternative actions. Team leaders likewise manage team limits, coordinate team activities and provide recognition to noteworthy performance.

Managing Diversity focuses on maximizing the ability for all employees to contribute to organizational goals. Assenting action focuses on specific groups because of the history of discrimination, as people of color and women. Assenting action emphasis legal necessity and social responsibility, managing diversity emphasizes business stipulation. While talking to a teacher he once stated, “In short while diversity will be concerned with women and people of color in the workforce”. That is interesting and much more inclusive and acknowledges that diversity should work for everyone.

Globalization has, through technology diffusion, substantially increased the introduction of new technology. These, as well as the need for flexible adaptation to market changes, have led to the re-organization of production systems and methods of work, such as the following. Reduction of narrow job classifications and demarcation lines between managers and workers, accompanied by skills enhancement needed to perform jobs with a broader range of tasks. Increasing areas for worker involvement in the conception,

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