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Human Resources: Time Tracking System

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Essay title: Human Resources: Time Tracking System

Human Resources: Time Tracking System

Based on evaluation of your human resources department, it has been concluded that your company tracks employee time through the submission and verification of timesheets. There are more favorable ways of timekeeping other that manual timesheets available that will be presented throughout this text. It is recommended that your company migrates to a timesheet software solution. In order to quantify the benefits of timekeeping software, you first have to know what to look for. Time tracking solutions can help you in different areas. Some of the areas to look for benefits in implementing a software system are paper reduction, elimination of paperwork transfer, improved data quality, fewer inquiries to the human resource department, fewer pay check corrections, and electronic notification of tasks.

Timesheet software can reduce the cost associated with creating and distributing paper timesheets. These costs saving results come from the direct savings of reducing paper, printing, and distribution costs. The indirect savings result from time spent handling paper timesheets.

Another big expense with a manual timekeeping system is that of the transferring of paperwork from one person to another. For example, the employee gets the blank timesheet from human resources. They fill out the timesheet and walk it over to their manager, who signs the timesheets and walks them to the payroll department. It can be estimated that the time spent on merely transferring the timesheet around would add up each pay period.

Manual timesheets must be keyed into a computer in order to be processed for payroll. Most often when data is keyed into a computer from a hand-written document numbers and letters will be transposed. The incorrect input of data can cost your company in many ways. If an employee is under compensated, it is costly to issue a new paycheck, or to adjust the pay. Pay is

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