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If Steven Tyler Was a Turkey

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Essay title: If Steven Tyler Was a Turkey

Tom Turkey needed a make over, something to

give him a new look, something to get him out of

being the main course for the winter holidays! So I

decided to give him a make over to draw different

attention to his new life and image! He wanted to

become just like Steven Tyler (the lead singer from

Aerosmith). This is the story of how I changed his

dreams into reality!

When I first came across this turkey he was a

fat, ugly, skinny legged, turkey that had no

singing voice, no style, and actually a great taste

in music. I think Tom needed a new image because

who wants to be raised to be eaten for the

holidays! Plus have you seen what he looks like I

mean HELLO… talk about boring he had absolutely no

individuality! Tom’s main areas of needed help were

his feathers which were completely a wreck

absolutely every where, his beak was way too small

to sing with especially to resemble Steven Tyler,

his style is so boring nowhere near “in”, and his

plump figure well it explains it’s self! So I

definatly had to change it all from head to toe,

but we still left some things as they were.

Well Tom wanted to resemble Steven Tyler

because he had always heard the family playing

Aerosmith. He wanted to be just like him. So the

first thing I did was take him to the gym twice a

day for a month to get him in the perfect shape.

Then we went to get his feathers cut to the style

of his choice. It took us a while but we cut styled

and teased his feathers till we got the desired

look. The next thing I did was take him to the mall

and we bought out the racks of tight pants, studs,

Aerosmith paraphernalia, and just one pair of

leather boots fit to his size. Now he had the

style, the looks, and just needed the right beak


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