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Information Security Evaluation Paper

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Essay title: Information Security Evaluation Paper

Nowadays, security breaches are prevalent in our environment, both physical and logical. Different types of unauthorized access are conducted by different groups of individuals for different purposes.

One good example of breach is the TJX data theft that happened sometime in mid-2005 and on subsequent dates from mid-May 2006 to mid-January 2007. The TJX data theft is considered as the largest case of intrusion of data to occur to date. According to the article, the data stolen by hackers were at least 45 million credit and debit cards numbers from its IT systems. More personal information was also stolen from more customers such as driver’s license, military identification and state identification numbers. The article also mentioned that although TJX had taken security measures by means of encryption and obfuscation, the company did not apply such measures across its systems. As a result, the company has no idea of the exact amount of the stolen customers’ records since the intrusion was never determined if the breach was continuously done throughout the years or happened in separate intrusions.

This article is very informative and will serve as a good source of information on investigations and legal

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