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Introduction to Public Speaking

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Essay title: Introduction to Public Speaking

December 2nd, 2001

Introduction to Public Speaking Class

When I signed up to take this class, I was very excited but I did not know that we would have to stand before an audience and do live speeches. When I did find this out, I became very nervous but looked forward to the upcoming challenge.

In this class I have learned how to put a speech together to include the outline. I have also learned that when giving a speech, there are rules for giving clear instructions and also when presenting your speech, be prepared to adapt to your audience and different situations. It's also important to know the differences between informative and persuasive speeches. Basically it is very vital to know the "do's and don'ts" about public speaking as a whole. I know now that there are many ways to control communication apprehension as well. I feel that now I can stand comfortably in front of an audience to speak and not be the least bit nervous at all.

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