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Journal Entry

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Essay title: Journal Entry

I am just going to be talking about random politics throughout this journal entry. If you are a Republican, boy are you going to be mad at me. Smile. Why is Bush our president? I think he is an incompetent asshole and I will provide examples of that throughout this journal entry. People assume because I hate Bush that I am a democrat, which I am not. Democrats are too soft spoken, they are too scared to speak up about the stupid things the republicans are doing, trying to cover their own ass. In reality they should be trying to exploit the Republicans for the money hungry sons of bitches that they really are, and maybe then they will another election. I don't understand how actors, politicians, basically RICH people get tax cuts, I really would like it if someone could break that down for me. I am a liberal and I do support gay marriage, I know whoever is reading this is probably fuming in their seats but if you are not gay, why does it matter if two gay people get married? Yeah, the whole "but it's a sin thing" well the fact of the matter is that we commit sins everyday, everyday of our lives we sin. Who are we to judge which sin is bigger? I mean gay people are going to be together regardless, go ahead and give them this little paper that says they are married and move on with your lives. I would touch on the war on terror in Iraq but that would be about eight pages long. Well forget it, the war in Iraq is really stupid and all these people are over there dying so Bush and his people can get rich over some stupid oil. I don't know anyone who is in the war so I was mad about it but I couldn't really relate but when I saw this program on HBO called last letters home, where people who were in the war family members read their last letters home before they died. It was this one soldier who knew he was going to die and apologized to his family for leaving them alone. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen in my life. It broke

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