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Just in Time

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Essay title: Just in Time

Survival is one of the most important objective in company. Nowadays, many strategies have been applied by companies to survive their business in market. It is not easy to apply specific strategy into a company. The company need to have the best planning before they applied the strategy. Researchers need years to find what is the best strategy for company. Survival is about satisfying customer in market and gaining profit. Without all of that, it is impossible for company to continue their business. In market we can find many kind of company from the smallest type of company until the largest company. For the smaller company, it is easier to apply strategy than the larger company. Smaller company has a simple structure of organization which let them apply strategy easily. One of the strategies which is very popular is Just In Time (JIT) strategy. Many companies regardless their size have applied this strategy in their company. Why this strategy is so famous among companies? That’s why this paper will explain more specific about JIT and how the company applied this strategy.

Just In Time is about reducing or eliminating the waste of inventory which is costy. Many businessman or researchers found that the stock in inventory of company only increase the cost. Many companies without Just In Time (JIT) concept have to sacrifice amount of money to buy the product and stock them in inventory. They don’t know how many products their purchased will be sold by customers. If they have more products than what the customers want, they will have many of products left in their inventory. Of course there are very costy for company. How about if they can reduce the inventory or only have the amount of products that customers demand. They will cut the inventory cost and gain more profit. Actually, Just In Time concept is related with supply chain. Every organization must has the good supply chain. What is supply chain? It is the method of transforming raw material or component into finished products that delivered to end customers. This is the chain which relates each other within the organization. Supplier which is the first role of chain supplies all the raw materials to manufacturer. In manufacturing process, they change all raw materials into the finished product and then send the products to distributor which will deliver the products to end customers. Logistics forms a specific part of the supply chain. Logistics can be considered as a tool for getting resources, like products, services, and people, where they are needed and when they are desired. Organization without logistic is almost impossible to run their business. Simply definition of logistics can be: "The time-related positioning of resources".

The technique

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