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Computers in Modern Times

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Essay title: Computers in Modern Times

The wide use of modern technology is continuously being adapted elsewhere, whether in school, business, and government and in various groups. Through this technology, inventions of automated machines were made. Robots nowadays, came into action. The Internet becomes a blockbuster hit for everyone because most of our population around the globe is aware about it. Formation of high-caliber software and systems were spread out. Advances in the technology have spread the development of smaller and more powerful general-purpose digital computer not only has this reduced the size of the large, multi-user mainframe computers but it has also made possible, powerful single-user personal computer and work stations that can sit on a desktop. This is because of the relatively low cost and versatility, have largely replaced typewriters in the workplace and rendered the analog inefficient.

Computers are one of the most frequently used technologies especially in the business world. Aside from business, schools as an institute of learning also pictures technology. Nowadays, a computer has

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