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Leading with Soul

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Essay title: Leading with Soul

Leading with soul

Leading with Soul, what does that mean? This reference refers to leading with your heart, not your mind. This type of leadership requires you to examine yourself, what are you passionate about. This is not the ordinary way that you would typically lead; this method requires introspection and self-inventory. The only way to lead effectively is to make a positive connection with people you are trying to lead. When your approach to leading is one with meaning, heart, and direction; the response is positive and easy to follow. This book stressed the importance of facing your demons when taking up a leadership role within an organization.

The main themes of this book deal with the process of human evolution within the leadership realm. The main purpose of the book is to get the reader to recognize the inner workings of spirit and transfer those positive characteristics to the people that you lead. The book tries to explain the importance of making the relationships at work memorable and meaningful. Treating people with respect and significance will yield a better organization throughout. The road to leading with soul may be tough and not without personal strife. The self-inventory of self-introspection requires

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