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The Leading Edge

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Essay title: The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge

Management in organizations today are trying to capture both quality and productivity (bottom line results) from their employees, and are spending millions of dollars in time, capital, and human resources. However, without the proper paradigm shift in leadership roles, which must include a new appreciation on the importance of principled centered leadership that recognizes that people are the highest value in any organization, the investment no matter how great will not accomplish their goals. Managers today have to become more effective in leading and managing their employees. They have to start with a new mind set, change their frame of reference, change how they see the world, how they think about people, and how they view management and leadership. This will bring about quantum improvements in their organization. (Covey) Today's authoritarian style puts managers at a higher level of importance than that of his employees, he makes the decision, gives the commands, and workers conform and cooperate, perform and contribute as requested to receive the rewards of pay and other benefits. When managers accept that the "old way" of doing things is not fundamentally the right way, and they shift to a new style that puts principle-centered leadership first, a unique relationship will develop. They will see that people have more creative energy, resourcefulness, and initiative to contribute when they feel valued and their accomplishments are valued. When managers begin to work with the whole person and embrace principles of fairness and kindness and make better use of their talents, than people have a sense of doing something that matters, something with meaning. (Covey) In my organization we are fast paced and deadline driven, each of us has to train and depend on our employees decision making process. I know which of my employees can handle which tasks and set goals for each according to their abilities. I usually get them together in a group to discuss what our immediate objectives are. I encourage input from every level, including our part time employees, so everyone feels included and when we achieve goals, everyone wins. We monitor our progress, and meet frequently if a problem arises, and are very quick to praise each other when we have moved closer to our goals. I feel including everyone in this process gives everyone a sense of ownership in the organization. My employees want to contribute, they take great pride in helping in the decision making process, their sense of meaning and worth

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