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Learning Curve

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Essay title: Learning Curve

Learning curve basically is the mathematical mechanism implemented to express between the relationship of the amount of experiences performed by man power and the amount of time required to perform such experiences. The learning curve can be applied on the commercial application such as the advertising firm. The employees of advertising firm normally are required to master their skills on various of programs and softwares such the adobe photoshop, illustrator, macromedia flash, 3d max and so on. The people who have the skills and master in these program and software are the needs and source of the firm in helping the firm to earn income. Based on the learning curve, let say a project A is given to a group of newly hire employees. Then it cost of one month and RM 800 to complete the project by using the softwares, programs, printing and all other necessities. After completing project A, project B is given to the same group of employees again. Then it cost of 3 weeks time and RM 400 to complete the project. After that, project C cost of 2 weeks time and RM 350 and so on. This shows that the group of employees hard learned to do the work more efficiently. The more experiences gained from doing the projects, their efficiency will be improved along. Hence the cost will be indirectly minimized because there are lesser errors and mistakes incurred with the increasing learning experiences. Also, the waste material of the firm will be reduced. It is because with mistakes and errors, clients tend to reject their works and the employees are required to redo everything and will waste materials,

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