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Opions on Mortality and Were We Learn Them

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Essay title: Opions on Mortality and Were We Learn Them


What forms your opinions, your morals, and your reasoning for your actions? You may say your parents shape you into what you will be like, or you might say that these concepts are learned from self determination. But in all cases one or the other can’t take ALL the credit some things are learned from teachers, friend, and even things like stories. Which is why we are here to day for you to listen to me reveal one of my favorite books and why it or how it has influenced my opinions, thoughts, and reasoning.

Today’s book is a tale of war, plunder, joy, sorrow, onslaught, and tyranny, a book that supports medieval morals, such; honor, battle fineness, and power. With the unusall twist of using small to large rodents instead of people, mice, rats, hares, weasels , and badgers just to name a few. This book is none other than Salamandastron written by a French writer that goes by the name Brian Jacques.

I found this adventure when I was in the sixth grade. I took me to places I have never thought about going. It opened my mind to other possibilities. I even found myself often picking up sticks on the way home pretending to be the mighty badger or witty hare fighting off sea rats and pirates from the deep seas. Using my mighty twig I fought wars I waded threw my imaginary world, every day on the way home. I got so wrapped up in this book that I started living

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