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Load of the Flies Essay

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Essay title: Load of the Flies Essay

Load of the flies Essay

Ralph and Jack, the two leaders in load of the flies written by William Golding, are trying to be the leader the group of kids. Why did William Golding make two total different types of leaders in the same place and which one is better? Ralph was always thinking of what they need to survive and Jack always made the kids do what he wanted the kids to do. So Ralph was a better leader.

Ralph was an excellent leader. He had all the component that was required to lead the boys too safely and a better life. No human is perfect and nether is Ralph. But Ralph was always trying to think positive and always try to do good things. Ralph was always keeping order on the island and one of the places he showed that was that the first meeting in charter 2 “and another thing. We can’t have everybody talking at once. We will have to have “hands up” like at school.” (Golding pg, 31). Ralph was a fair and caring guy and he showed that when Jack took Piggys glasses and Ralph was the only person trying to get the glasses back. Ralph didn’t always do what was necessary such as the time when Ralph and Piggy first meet. Piggy was trying to start a search for other kids on the island and Ralph didn’t listen and started to swim.

At every moment Jack was thinking about him-self and only him-self, on one else. This quality will never work for a good leader because all humans are equal. Every thing that Jack wanted, he wanted in the form of violence or painful way. One of the things that Jack needed and wanted was piggy glasses to start a fire. Jack never thought about asking for the glasses, he wanted to steel them. Another thing that made

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