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Lord of the Flies

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Essay title: Lord of the Flies

Ralph or Jack ?

“Blessed is the leader who seeks the best for those he serves.” This quotation is most certainly right. A good leader seeks the best for the people he serves therefore Ralph is a better leader than Jack because Ralph wants the best for the boys. Ralph is nice hearted, intelligent and democratic. Jack on the other hand is vicious to others and manipulative for his own needs. They are different in that Ralph cares and Jack doesn’t.

Ralph is nice hearted. He doesn’t wish bad for any one. Attitude is one of the key things towards being a good leader. Ralph has a good attitude and personality. He isn’t a cruel or tyrant leader. Jack on the other hand isn’t nice to others. He uses violent means to gain leadership. (138) Jack uses violence to lead his tribe, for example the killing of the sow. (139) Ralph uses non violent means to get people to listen to him.

Ralph is intelligent. He comes up with brilliant ideas. For example: the conch. He who has the conch could speak. (40) That was an intelligent idea for it doesn’t create a mess. Jack speaks without a turn and makes his own rules. Ralph is more disciplined than Jack. Jack is savage, he hunts pigs and violates them.(135)

Ralph is democratic.

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