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Louisiana Tech's Housing Requirements Aid Students

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Essay title: Louisiana Tech's Housing Requirements Aid Students

Louisiana Tech's Housing Requirements Aid Students

Louisiana Tech University has strict housing requirements. This university is the only university in Louisiana to actually enforce its housing requirements. Louisiana Tech University requires that all freshmen live on campus. There are many good things that come from living on campus: students meet people, have a meal plan, are close to classes, have a sense of security, and can easily be involved in campus activity. There are some downfalls to living on campus: small dorm rooms, elevator problems, theft, inability to study due to noise levels, and lack of privacy in bathrooms. The function of Louisiana Tech's strict housing requirements are to provide for the students well being.

A student who comes to Louisiana Tech from far away may not know many people. By moving into the residence halls, a new student has the opportunity to meet all kinds of people. A student might not even know his or her roommate when first arriving, but by the time the next quarter rolls around, the two may have become best friends. Residence halls are a great place to meet people, make friends, and hang out. When living on campus, a student is required to purchase a meal plan. Meal plans are great. A meal plan provides a number of meals at a cheap price for the student to eat at his or her discretion. Normally a declining balance accompanies a meal plan. This is used at any of the restaurants on campus. The regular meal plan provides a good meal and a good time for students. Many students choose to sit in the cafeteria to eat and enjoy the company of friends. A great number of students look forward to the relief of a relaxing lunch in the cafeteria with friends. It takes the focus off studies for awhile.

Being on campus allows a student to know what events are happening on campus. Basketball, baseball, softball, and football games are just some of the things that a student can find out about while being on campus. Living on campus leads to more campus involvement. Students get involved with fraternities, sororities, student government, religious organizations, intramurals, spirit groups, or a number of other things. Living on campus also puts a student close to classes. Some students may choose to get up and go to class early. Some may choose to sleep in until the last minute and hurry to class. All students have a short walk to their classes. It is convenient to walk out the door of your residence hall and have a short walk to class, the cafeteria, the student center, or the library.

There are, however, some drawbacks to living on campus. The residence halls have small rooms that two people must live in. The residence halls are very old and they show it. The rooms have cracks in the cinderblock walls, chipped drawers, and leaky roofs. It's

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