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Essay title: Love


What is love? According to the dictionary it is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person ( It is a deep feeling shared in passionate or intimate relationships. In other contexts, love has a variety of related meanings. There are many different types of love, such as Romantic love, Platonic love, Puppy love, and so on. I am going to define Romantic love, the type of love you have in a relationship with another person. There are many things that love is not, and people often confuse what love is, for what it is not. There are over a thousand different definitions for the word ‘love’, because people define it based on their own experiences, and what they have learned from others.

Morals, or family values, are a key factor in love. My family’s definition of love is conservative and also relates morals with it. They define love as the greatest emotion felt between two people, something that is cherished and should be united in marriage. There are also choices between what is right and what is wrong in love. It is wrong to cheat or lie, that is not love. It is right to treat your partner the way you would like to be treated. In most cases, children grow up learning what love is between a couple by observing their parents. They see how their father treats their mother, and vice versa. For example, living at home I see how my parents treat one another, they show each other affection and never argue. When one parent needs help, the other parent is always there giving a helping hand. I believe that family values play a big role in how people show love for one another. Family is where you first learn how to treat others, and where you first learn what some kind of love is. It is the foundation of how you view the idea of love.

I define love as many virtues summed into one word. Many things tie into the emotions when loving someone, such as, trust, honesty, friendship, respect, loyalty, affection, and happiness. All of these things come together in true love. I believe love is the key to happiness, because when you are in love you feel like the happiest person alive. Love is giving. When you love someone, you give them your trust, love, attention, time, everything, wholeheartedly. If someone were to ask me what I thought the best feeling in the world is, I would say love. Love is a powerful emotion felt between two people that can overcome anything. I have been in a relationship now for two years, and it has been the happiest two years of my life so far. In my relationship, we have respect for one another, trust, loyalty, all of the components you can think of that make a relationship work.

Love is mistaken for many emotions. Love is not hatred, or anything negative at all. Love is a very positive emotion. Many people associate love with pain, but true love is not painful, it is the absence of love that causes the pain. Love is also mixed up with lust. Lust is any intense desire or craving, which is usually sexual. Lust implies an intense sexual attraction between two people. This is often mistaken for love, people believe that if they desire someone strongly,

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