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Managing Change

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Essay title: Managing Change

Managing Change

Organizational change is a term commonly used to define changes organization-wide in contrast with the usual smaller changes like adding a new person or modifying a program. Some examples are: Change in mission, restructuring operations, implementing new programs such as TQM, and integrating new technologies. Carter McNamara mentions, on her article “Basic Context for Organizational Change”, that nowadays are driven into change due to factors like substantial cuts in funding, aiming new markets or clients, need for increases in productivity, etc. There is always a resistance to change and many people think that the situation is fine as it is.

In order to manage change effectively there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. Dr. Carol Goman states, in her article “The Biggest Mistakes in Managing Change”, which are the most common mistakes that managers make when trying to implement change throughout the organization. The first and most important factor would be always having in mind that change involves the people’s will to accept change. Presenting the information honestly, including advantages and disadvantages, and not expecting the change to occur immediately are some key points to take into consideration when trying to implement change. Every employee must now exactly what new responsibilities he or she is acquiring with the change and which responsibilities are supposed to be passed on to lower levels. Employees easily identify what they are losing when they accept a change but the manager’s labour is to make sure they are able to see which benefits are obtained when following the new set of rules.

Cummings and Worley (Organization Development and Change, 1995) describe a comprehensive, five-phase, general process for managing change, including:

1) Motivating Change: This phase includes getting the employees ready for a change explaining the actual situation and what the company needs to become. Organization leaders need to recognize that there

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