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Managing Individual Performance

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Essay title: Managing Individual Performance



Troy Hutcherson

July 18, 2005

Professor Carlos Campos


A team leader is faced with many responsibilities, from the beginning to the end, of everyday operations that occur within organizations. An individual’s personality plays an important role to the success of the team. Personality is also important to take into consideration how the team’s dynamics may formulate once the team is working together. Will the various personalities raise conflict on interest? Will this impact completing tasks and reaching tram goals? Is it important to make sure a team leader selects members than they can motivate? Using techniques like MBTI and the Maslow’s Hierarchy to ensure optimal productivity within the group. This paper intends to demonstrate the outcome of the simulation Managing Individual Performance and the way that these two techniques were used to get to this outcome.

Managing Individual Performance

The best criteria for selecting team members are an individual's interest in the overall plan and the facilitation skills they possess. Teams need facilitators more than they do leaders, especially if numerous stakeholder groups are involved. The facilitators should have adequate training and should not have a personal interest in the specific project's outcome. The facilitators, then, will not be tempted to use their power to force personal agendas on team members. (Bill Roth) When selecting the team members, be sure to evaluate their interpersonal and communication skills as well as their individual professional abilities and expertise. (Messmer)

When selecting the team members from the “Managing Individual Performance” simulation. I selected the following members: Lisa Stafford for the “Build Case Files” task. I selected Lisa because the task required several sit visits, research, analysis and recording. Lisa’s characteristics included working well with people; correct issues very well, thorough analysis skills and having experience volunteering in social groups. Michelle Levy for the “Moderate Self-Help Groups” task. I selected Michelle because the task required problem solving and dealing with conflict. Michelle’s characteristic includes

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