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Market Research Sample ( Airline)

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Essay title: Market Research Sample ( Airline)

Sample Process and Size

Sample Population must meet at least two of the following qualification:

Have experience the handling of obese passenger personally

Have worked with obese individuals in a professional matter

Have worked as a customer service agent with a commercial airline

Target population:

Frequent traveler (Generation X and Baby boomers) 250

Airline personnel 250

Clinical obesity professionals 50

Sample frame

Airline date bank that handle airlines complaints, Commercial Airline personnel data bank and Clinical professional data bank

Sample size



The sample will be allocated in a computer data bank. Which will storage and generate data as need. The select sample will enable the researcher to determine the best approach to handling obese passenger onboard commercial airline.

Data collection

• Face-to-face: involves trained interviewers visiting people to collect questionnaire data.

• Telephone: involves trained interviewers phoning people to collect questionnaire data.

• Hand-delivered questionnaire: a self-enumerated survey where questionnaires are hand-delivered to people and mailed back by the respondent after completion.

SPSS will provide programs and methods that will be used to administer the survey including SPSS Data Entry Station, Data enterprise serve and printing of form.



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