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Marketing Audit Project/keebler Company

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Essay title: Marketing Audit Project/keebler Company


Keebler Company is the first consumer packaged goods division, to utilize the artificial intelligence program. This technology interacts with consumers through instant messaging, mimicking natural conversation to provide recipes based on a person’s stated preferences and mood.

Moreover, the program was created by Active Buddy, which has launched other interactive agents such as: Smarter Child, Austin Powers and Elle Girl Buddy (Keebler Recipe Tool. Com). In addition, Keebler made the decision to purse an instant messaging program based on three factors: the increasing popularity of instant messaging, the need for a cost effective way to add frequency to the company’s traditional marketing communications, and the need to prepare the company for online marketing tools (such as e-mail, becoming ineffective). Through advanced programming, RecipeBuddle is able to instantly recognize and respond appropriately to requests as chicken, no garlic. Furthermore, RecipeBuddle is able to instantly recognize and respond appropriately to person’s mood , for example comfort food if a person is “sad “ or more challenging recipes for adventurous individual (Keebler Recipe Tool. Com).

According to Jeff Johansen, vice president of marketing for Keebler, this technology is an advantage to the company in the industry. This technology is not a treat to make the products obsolete. Moreover, it gives an advantage to the company to build personal relationships with the 100 million people now using instant messaging software (Keebler Recipe Tool. Com).


Since the acquisition of Keebler (by Kellogg in 2001, which merged the corporate cultures of both companies), the organization of the business has changed. Keebler has been in business since the earlier 1800’s and Kellogg’s since 1906, both companies has lengthy practice on its internal customers. Since, that time Keebler culture has been incorporated with Kellogg’s culture within the industry. According to Kellogg’s 2004, annual report the statement is made “A company is only as good as its people.”

Therefore, the company is committed to developing its employees’ throughout their careers. In 2004, K Values Culture Survey was conducted internally; moreover, positive feedback from its employees regarding the organization and the brand products that are currently being marketed was gained. The survey was not totally geared for the marketing and advertising employees the survey was translated into 50 different languages, other than English for those internal customers who spoke different languages.

Did Kellogg succeed what it wanted to accomplish? Yes, the company did. This provided the opportunity to voice concerns and effect change in the organization. For example, the last survey led to the establishment of the Talent Management Worldwide program and the development, of a group dedicated to the Company’s diversity and inclusion programs (Kellogg’s Corporation 2004).

The company has set business standards that drive the companies way of doing business, for example here is a statement from their annual report “Staying On Track Value Added” products are an integral part of our Volume to Value operating principle and we constantly strive for new, and better, ideas. Research into, and development of, differentiated new products is essential to their innovation process (Kellogg’s Corporation 2004).

Kellogg’s as a company focused on brand building to increase net profits and grow their business. The organization also state in their annual report, the company pick projects with a high rate of return and have a payback period of less than five years.


How do customers view the organization or brand? Customer’s view of the organization is good. The organization longevity of producing quality product surpasses its competition;

Customer’s purchase the organization brand is strong. The strength of the organization is the household name. How do they view the competition? The competition is viewed as comparable in pricing. As far as the quality of product, customers view the competition as a lower quality product. Has the purchasing process changed” The pricing process has changed after the acquisition of Keebler by Kellogg’s. The current product line of Keebler produces under the umbrella of Kellogg’s, has to maintain its status within the organization. Many of the Keebler product lines has been discontinued due to the amount of liabilities the company has after acquisition.

Is there a clear understanding of customer wants and needs? Yes, the understanding is clear to what the customers want and need. The customers want and need quality healthy product at a reasonable price. Are there different

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