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Marketing Game

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Essay title: Marketing Game

Marketing is the discovery of what the consumer wants and be able to offer a product that satisfies their needs. We also need to be conscious of what they don't want and formulating strategies to avoid disappointment.

The thought of being the decision makers of a new to market product with little or no knowledge of what and how to achieve these goals was daunting indeed. Establishing a strategy in which to make this line a success was our biggest challenge.

Market Views, our consulting firm, prepared a report that gave us a concise yet objective view of our company and the market in which we compete. Based on their research we identified three homogeneous market segments in which to target our product.

The modern student accounted for 20% of VRD sales in the previous year. Economy was a major factor for this budget constraint student. It is a product that is proving very popular and this sub market has been identified to have growth in the coming years. The home user typically wanted a simple but efficient product. They too have limited interest in high-priced VRD's. They accounted for 15% of previous years sales. Our third segment, the concerned parent, wanted a simple and easy to use product that they could educate their siblings with in readiness to increased exposure to technology for future years. This segment represented 8% of sales

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