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Marketing Plan

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Essay title: Marketing Plan

This is a new millenium will we bring back old tragedies?

Torn between Heaven and Hell I feel the world trappin' me.

Sappin' me and my soul this Hell is so cold.

Fake prophets walk amoung us some don't know.

Church bombings, school shootings, and you don't wanna leave?

Heaven's a far better place that some of us won't see.

I try to be the best person that I can.

It's hard with 2 strikes one black the other bein' a man.

I can't understand we strap up to go to war.

But we can't strap up for these killers tryin' to kick down the door.

Can't feed the poor but can construct million dollar buildings.

Media can blow someone up then destroy them without any feelings.

Recycled drug dealings by these crooked organizations.

Judges try to set a example 6 years for every gram you're facin'.

Countries racin' to put a missle site on the moon.

Tryin' to be the first to put the whole world at doom.

Don't have enough room to heal all the sick.

Taxes and deductions it seems the richer get rich.

Some people tired of this but won't go to the booths and vote.

Generation X has a few bad applesbut the youth has hope.

Some couldn't cope suicidal tendencies run through their heads.

The ones who did it all I can say is God bless the dead.

Feds got genocidal epidemics

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