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Marketing Plan

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Essay title: Marketing Plan

Executive Summary

This marketing plan is for a franchise branch of Dunn Bros Coffee located off of Hwy 169 in the city of Elk River.

Dunn Bros is one of the fastest growing local small franchises in Minnesota. Founded in 1987 by Ed Dunn who opened a store on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. Skip Fay and Chris Eilers, two local owners, bought the rights to sell Dunn Bros franchises in 1998.

Dunn Bros prides itself on providing a community atmosphere in their stores that are open and offering great tasting fresh cup of coffee to the coffee drinker who “truly appreciates a good cup of coffee”.

The marketing goal is to promote the health benefits of drinking coffee on a daily basis. We want to make the consumer aware of the benefits and increase sales by 3% and profits by 2% for the year 2005 in the Dunn Bros franchise located in Elk River, Minnesota.

Dunn Bros will attempt to increase consumer awareness in the health benefits of drinking coffee by promoting through a variety of advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, public relations and direct communication.

To promote, Dunn Bros plans to print brochures with health benefit information for the consumer to read at the location or take with them. Dunn Bros plans to update their billboard advertisement along Hwy 169 between Zimmerman and Elk River with the added slogan of advertisement of “A Great Cup of Coffee a Day Keeps the Doctor Away”.

Upon arriving at the store, Dunn Bros’ greeters will pitch the statement of the health benefits of drinking coffee and give the customer a brochure to take with them upon leaving the store.

Dunn Bros also plans to promote the health benefits of drinking coffee to the local fitness centers in the Elk River area by leaving brochures for the fitness center members to review.

The Elk River Star News will offer discount coupons in their paper for 10% off of a cup of coffee or specialty drink and every other week there will be a $1.00 off coupon for a cup of coffee with a lunch or breakfast menu item.

This marketing plan will be launched to other franchises upon the monitoring of the sales and traffic flow in the store of Elk River. We should be able to tell upon the first two months of promoting the health benefits of drinking coffee whether it has sparked an interest in the consumers.

I. Current Marketing Situation


Dunn Bros Coffee, per , is a coffee house establishment that was founded in 1987 by Ed Dunn. Dunn Bros Coffee delivers fresh roasted, quality coffee to you, with prompt, friendly service in a clean, comfortable environment. Dunn Bros prides itself for the fresh roasted aroma of coffee beans that fills its establishments and creates a real, appreciated,

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