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Marketing Relations

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Essay title: Marketing Relations

The following is some of the department, which Ford has;-

1. sale department

2. Production department

3. Finance department

4. Marketing department

5. Human resources

6. Research and design

Which each department are in the Ford organisation and how they help Ford become successful;-

• Sales department

The sale department focuses on the sale of the car i.e. how much the cars are going for etc. Also the sales department helps ford organisation customers with a variety of ways of buying the cars for example if a customer wanted to buy a car but the different of ways which the customer can pay is simple from monthly payments to weekly payments.

• Production department;-

This is the department where the cars are being made. Actually this is the manufacturing of the Ford cars. Manufacturing of the cars is basically is what the department do and focus on. For example if a new car was launched the production team will find the materials needed for the manufacturing of the new car.

• Marketing department

This department concentrates on making sure that there are enough cars to satisfy Ford customer needs. This department makes sure that the customer requirements are meant in every Ford car product. This department will also help the promotion and advertising of new car products.

• Human resources

This department looks as the recruitments of personnel for the Ford organisation. This department makes sure that the company has enough staff to run the company as a whole. I.e. Ford may need a special worker for manufacturing of a new car, the HR department will take care of recruiting and interviewing applicants for the vacancy.

• Research & Design

This department work with the marketing department but in the other side by focusing on the features and appearances of the product. This department really works with the customer needs of which concerns of colours or looks of a Ford car.

Connections between the departments; -

Regularly communication between departments is a recurrent action taken within any organisation like the Ford the organisation. The communications which departments have are essential to reach and succeed the company aims and objectives. Decisions are usually made with each department senior management will take intern every staff in every departments will have a say.

Research & Design and Production

The things which these both departments have, which are similar are that they both work together on a launch of a product. This will help the company, as they will have the features and appearances, the materials all in one product by there departments. The production department’s focus on the materials which are needed to build a Ford car i.e. metal for the body shape and the plastic for the side mirror’s etc. the research and design will do the more practical things i.e. do research on what people like, this could be like the colour’s which people like and also the products which people need etc. This department will help the production department to find out which products people want when the appropriate research is found for the product. The research design department will also inform to the production department which product they want to launch and sell.

Marketing & Finance

This Marketing department looks at which product are needed to be built and the Finance department looks at how much it will cost to launch and research on a particularly product. These two department work to also find out which products Ford customer want that could for example if the marketing department wanted to launch a new product they would have to have a meeting will the finance department to find actually how much it will cost.

Sales and Marketing departments

The similarities which these departments have are that the sales department will need the marketing departments to find out what people are willing to buy for products. And intern the marketing department will look at the sales departments to find out the price which will suitable for a product i.e. a car called a Ford focus before its made will need to go

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