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Marriage and Blending Families

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Essay title: Marriage and Blending Families


Marriages come in all shapes and sizes, couples marrying for the first time with no children, couples with his or her children, couples who are marrying for the second time or more with or without children in various stages of their lives, The marital status at the time of the marriage can represent issues as well, such as widowed or divorced.

Blending families together can present a multitude of challenges. Blended family is the politically correct name for step families. Children may resent the new marriage, stepparent and or the step siblings. Room to merge both families can at times present difficulties. Emotional issues must be addresses as well.


When a person thinks of marriage it seems so easy. Just get a marriage license, get married, and live happily ever after. WRONG! There are many things to consider when planning to marry. Even though a person may be sexually attracted to another, this is not enough to base a long-term relationship. Marriage is the merging of two people (sometimes a whole bunch of people). Many things must be taken into account; for example compatibility, likes, dislikes, families, personality, disposition, even little things like which side of the bed one sleeps. It these items are not clearly identified before marriage, the relationship may not succeed.


It used to be difficult for older women to find a husband. Now with so many divorces and health issues it is seems to be easier to find a husband for a woman who is over 40.

It’s easier to be killed by a terrorist than to get married over the age of 40. (From the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” )

This is a cynical way (or cruel) way of telling a woman that it is extremely unlikely that an unmarried woman can find a husband after age 40. (Http://


In some cultures, pragmatic (arranged) marriages are a tradition. The parents or public officials arrange marriages for young women when they reach puberty. Often the men are much older than the women in the pragmatic marriages. In other cultures, people are allowed to choose their own spouse. They are allowed to look for a romantic relationship.

Those who believe in romantic marriage will often criticize pragmatic marriage, considering it is oppressive, inhuman, or immoral. Defenders of pragmatic marriage disagree, often pointing to cultures where the success rate of pragmatic marriages is seen to be high, and holding that nearly all couples learn to love and care for each other very deeply. (Http://


There are two main ways to marry; in a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony that also meets the civil and religious requirements. In the United States both can be done at the same time. “ In countries such as France, Germany and Russia, it is necessary to be married by the state before having a religious ceremony.” (Http://

Some people marry in a civil ceremony because they have no religious affiliation or they do not qualify to be married in the church. Other people marry in religious ceremony which is not considered legal by the state government. Some of the reasons for marrying in the eyes of God only are: “homosexual couples, some sects of Mormonism which recognize polygamy, retired couples that would lose pension benefits if legally married,” (Http://


When couples are young and marrying for the first time there is usually a large wedding and then a reception for the newly married couple. The bride and groom’s parents pay for the appropriate expenses of the wedding and celebration that follows. When marrying for the second time traditionally couples only had a small ceremony with family and close friends. In the last few years with so many people divorcing, etiquette has changed. It is now considered that the wedding day belongs to the couple and they should do whatever they would like. Many people that are remarrying are now having large weddings and receptions. Differences are that the couple themselves are paying for the wedding and reception instead of the bride and groom’s parents; and that children from previous relationships are usually included in the wedding celebration if they choose participate. For example, the daughters might

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