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The Right to a Marriage (argument Essay)

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Essay title: The Right to a Marriage (argument Essay)

The Right To A Marriage

Marriage is a very special moment in a persons life. It's the big step you take in your relationship becoming as one with the other person. Starting a new life together being able enjoy one another for the rest of your lives. What if your relationship with the other person was the same sex as you. There could be some complications with that. Not that many people agree on same sex marriages, because they think its not traditional its not right that's not what it say's in the bible. Who are they to say who you can be with, what chose you should make on who you love, or who you want to spend the rest of your life with. I thought marriage meant the legal union of two PERSONS state of being married o united. I didn't know the word person had a gender to it, meaning man and should be a right, it shouldn't be a decision for someone else to make for you.

Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Soldiers, Fire Fighters, Congressman , Congresswomen, ect many of these people are gay and have same sex relationships. Do we judge them for who they are and what type of career they have no. All we see are these successful people trying to make a living like everyone else. But if we knew what type of relationship they had or who they liked to date you would judge them. You would feel that it isn't right for someone to portray this image on this career. People who have these careers should be normal meaning to date the opposite sex. Why should anyone cover up who they are just to keep a job? But in all actuality people do these things just to keep a job. That isn't right should accept anyone for who they are and what career they have because they are helping us.

Getting a divorce and then getting married again is okay, having kids before getting married is okay, inter-racial marriages are okay, citizenship marriages are okay, people have issues with these type of marriages but they are still aloud. There not traditional, they are not followed by in the bible either. Why is it that gay marriages are not aloud and its a issue but they want to band the right of same sex marriage to someone. If that's the case you shouldn't be aloud to date the same sex you shouldn't have the right period. . It isn't fair for someone to have a relationship but not have a marriage that doesn't make any sense.

Family's who have gay relatives or even parents who have gay sons or daughters, how do you think they feel, when they see their children

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