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Mass Media and Technologies

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Essay title: Mass Media and Technologies

Back in the 18th century, it took very little effort to have fun. Simple games, such as hopscotch, jump rope and other activities made from natural materials brought laughter and happiness to families across the world. In the year of 2006, the definition of having fun has been digitally changed fro teenagers. Mass media and new technologies are giving teens many ways to express themselves and to have fun, which of course, comes with a costly price. Media technologies have been changing throughout the past century, affecting not only the communication methods amongst teens, but also their social and psychological behaviour. With the help of newly invented cell phones, television which has oversaturated the world, as well as the seemingly omnipotent World Wide Web, teens are exposed to thing that they should not see. The excuse is that is it fun and entertaining. What most teens do no know, is that they are slowing creating a generation of people who are very dependent on technologies and attention. This has an obviously negative impact on society because people take information for granted and they are willing to spend more money just to save some time in their lives.

One of the most powerful tools in the media is television. It is something that you cannot lack, and almost every family will have in their household. This little screen has changed

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