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Mba 590

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Essay title: Mba 590

A key step in successful implementation plans is estimating time for project completion. This involves forecasting or approximating the time of completing identified deliverables and is needed to schedule the work and determine if the project is on schedule for completion (Gray & Larson, 2006). Action items have been identified, timelines established, and responsibility assigned and can be found in Table 1 of the Appendix. This section will outline why the items have been identified and explain the deliverable.

The first action item is in regard to the location of The Galleria. This action item is to locate the ideal site and purchase it for FTI. Completing this item is vital as this project will not get off the ground proverbially if there is no actual ground to build on. Closely associated with this item is the step to create a short list of three potential sites to be reviewed by the Project Selection Committee (PSC) and CEO Ricardo Bellini for final approval. Both of these action items have been assigned to management consultant Arlene Del Lazaro given her industry knowledge and experience.


In closing, implementation plans are a vital tool for any organization seeking to complete key business strategies. Concise project plans are used to ensure action items are identified and outlined, timelines

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