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Mba Essay

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Essay title: Mba Essay

In a small pond, there was a fish who knew his little pond very well. However, the fish became curious about the larger world so he rode the rains and went out into the lakes. Being a curious and adventurous fish, he explored the lake and was amazed by its size. But then the fish learned about the ocean, so the fish began his trip down the river, setting out for the ocean.

Like that fish, I too have followed a pathway, expanding my world as every opportunity has come my way, and eagerly looking forward to the next. Along the way, there have been several factors that have influenced my career and the choices I have made.

Initially, I majored in electronic engineering because I believed technological insight was a prerequisite for a future business leader, and because I view electronics as especially important in an information society. I continued to study electronics at the graduate level to obtain further technological knowledge. During this time, I did considerable research on digital image restoration, and my research was published in the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Journal, the premier engineering journal, and I became the first Masters-level student in my graduate school to have a paper accepted by IEEE.

After receiving my Master's degree, I accepted a position at AA Electronics (AAE) where I knew I would have the best opportunities for broadening my engineering experience in the business world. My reasons were two-fold: first, AA was the leading company in display field, such as LCDs and monitors, which is my specialty; and second, AAE is the leading company within the larger AA Group (a major Korean chaebol (conglomerate)), so I expected to acquire extensive knowledge about business management systems by joining the company. And my reasons proved to be correct. I am proud to be part of the history-making team at AA, developing Korea's first-ever LCD Projector and the world's top-selling CD-ROM drive. Along

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