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Mgt 448 - Global Business Strategies - Globalization

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Essay title: Mgt 448 - Global Business Strategies - Globalization


Anita M. Martinez

MGT 448/ Global Business Strategies

Mr. Rob Inglis

February 24, 2005

Globalization is the term given to the phenomenon that the entire world seems to be going through. This change includes the fact that products are being produced in certain locations from parts manufactured in places all over the world, information and money being exchanged and having a constant rapid flow, and people all over the world being connected in almost every way possible (

The main drivers of globalization can be listed as both the decline of trade and investments, and the role technology plays in change. The decline of trade and investments can include international trade, foreign direct investments (FDI), and the restrictions being removed from FDI by many countries. Technology plays a significant role in driving globalization as well. Some examples of this include the internet and World Wide Web, transportation, and communication (Hill, 2002, p.8-13) .

Globalization effects just about everything and everyone. Locally, globalization has impacted technology and helped our community become more up-to-date with internet

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