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Mice and Men

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Essay title: Mice and Men

The novel mice and men is set in the state of California in a place called Soledad which is sunny and warm all year round. The book is based on the lives of two ranch hands that travel from one ranch to another because one of them constantly gets into trouble; one of the men is named George who is a small and quick witted individual and he is Lennie’s sole carer. Lennie on the other hand is a large mentally ill person he is very slow and is to strong for his own good he relies on George to care for him.

At the end of the novel George has to kill lennie because of recent events, the events that led up this were that lennie accidentally killed Curleys wife when he broke her neck to keep her from screaming. The author hints in certain places that something like this is going to happen like when candy says “I should of shot my own dog “ this made George think about what if lennie did do something so bad that he would have to kill him.

Life for ranch workers during the depression was not a good one it was full of hardships and strife. It entailed moving from ranch to ranch, mostly on a weekly basis. The money was crap but it was the only way they

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