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Mis Master Study Guide

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Essay title: Mis Master Study Guide

MIS Master Study Guide

Why would management want a financial statement?

-to know whether/not you can pay fees

Why would you want a report for investors?

-to know what they’re investing in

-follow rules of the SEC

Budgeting Applications aka “financial plan”

Functional Systems = ISOLATED; solution = cross-purpose, integrated systems

Transition from functional to integrate is difficult because…

-departments need to coordinate activities


Cash management?

-deals with cash payments, receipts, and planning—cash flows

-cash needs vs. availability of cash

Treasury Applications:

-deals with management and investment of organization’s cash

What is the purpose of Sales & Marketing Systems?

-store data about potential customers

-used so data mining can occur

-want to know interests of customers (who are contacted by the salesperson)

Why do you need to predict territories?

-to make sure your reaching out to the right clientele

-ex) donut shop in healthy area

*Sales management uses projections to predict co. operations*

Purpose of Customer Management Systems?

-stay in contact with customers so they come back

*Tracking past audits is used track customers buying history*

How does a customer differ from a lead?

-both customer and lead data usually run in a single system

Operating systems – merged into – manufacturing systems

Why would inventory be an asset?

-if you have a large inventory, you don’t have to restock, which is more efficient and less disruptive to operations

Why would inventory be a liability?

-if you don’t sell it, it becomes outdated and customers won’t want it (i.e. electronics)

What’s the purpose of an order entry?

-record customer purchases and keep in contact with them


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