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Essay title: Mis

Nowthe question is, “Should an employer insist on a typical employee to check

his or her

e-mail while on vacation?? There are a few different ways to look at this. One way to look at this is to


out what is considered to be a “typical?employee. Different companies would


have different views and definitions as to what a typical employee may be. Take


secretary for example. If he or she were to be the typical employee then

honestly they

should not be expected to check their email while they are on vacation. If the


feels that they would have to be in contact with them than instead of making

them check

their emails and ruining their vacation, they could hire someone just for the


period that the employee is gone.

Now there is also the situation where there is a company where every employee

has a

specific job description and it is extremely difficult to find an experienced

worker to

take their place while they take their vacation. Then it would be

understandable if the

employer asked for them to check their email because if something happened then

by them

checking in they might be able to help fix whatever the problem may be.

Another factor in this situation would be if it is a paid vacation. If you are


for your own vacation your self your boss should not expect you to check your


Why would you bother to take the time on your vacation, that you are paying

for, to


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