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Mission Statements

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Essay title: Mission Statements

Erin Malone: “Mission Statements: Why You Might Want One”

July 25, 2006

Tom Terez: “Meaningful Missions and Visions”

July 26, 2006

Erin Malone talks about shared vision being important to the team because the group/team was new and their thoughts about what needed to done varied. He decided that a group brainstorm was the best method for his team to develop a mission statement.

He asked the questions who, what and why?

Tom Terez talks about the wording of the mission and vision statements and what sets the two apart. The main concern for him was the customer and how they could provide better for them. He also talks about the difference of opinions of the team that is involved in the mission statements. Tom also advises of certain words/phrases to steer clear of when developing a mission statement.

Each one of the articles discusses the use of words in a mission statement and how important they are. They also discuss the difference

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