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Money's Liberation of Responsibility

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Essay title: Money's Liberation of Responsibility

Does money allow one to be free of responsibility? Although this idea may be hard to grasp, it is true. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby throws lavish parties and uses his money to spend the weeks cleaning them up. Also in this novel, the character Daisy takes advantage of her wealth in dealing with her problems. This thought is also very apparent in today’s society in which money can free one of criminal prosecution and prison time. One example of this is the Kobe Bryant rape trail. In both literature and present time, it is clear that money can liberate one of personal responsibility.

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby uses his money to make his life much easier and free himself of personal responsibility. One example of this is when while driving in his Rolls Royce he is pulled over by a police officer. Instead of having to pay a ticket or be arrested, like a person would be subjugated through without large sums of money, Gatsby whips out a white card that was given to him after he did a “favor” for the chief of police. He is immediately excused and apologized to by the officer. Another example of Gatsby’s use of money to rid him of his responsibility is hiring cleaning crews for entire weeks to clean up the mess from the previous week’s party so that he can do it again. One of the most noteworthy

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