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Motivating Factors of Fire Safety Training

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Essay title: Motivating Factors of Fire Safety Training

People are motivated by many different factors. People are concerned with the fact of how will learning these skills benefit myself. During training people are trained and the trainers are concerns with the transfer of information. With our group project we are going to try and demonstrate the proper use of a fire extinguisher and how to identify the correct extinguisher to use.


Basic Fire Safety

To motivate the trainees we are going to give pertinent information that we hope is transferred to our trainees and will benefit them in there daily lives. People are motivated easier when they feel this is an issue that can be dealt with in there home lives. One must be motivated to learn these skills by knowing the different type of extinguisher is a benefit to everyone. Increase personal knowledge about the real threat of loss of life and property to fires.

The proper use fire extinguisher is going to deal with social learning technology and the need theory. We will focus on the importance of knowing how to use a fire extinguisher because it may save the lives of your loved ones. Some trainees will have self-efficacy issues to deal with because when faced with a real life and death situation one would want to know that they are capable of performing the task of using a fire extinguishing and making sure they have the correct extinguisher. Training is a high-quality idea when you think as regards to proper use of a fire extinguisher and there are organizations that do perform fire safety training. Our group project is to show the trainees material that will help them to recognize the type of fire you are dealing with and what extinguisher to use.

Fire types and Fire extinguisher types

Our group objective is to point out the different types of fire extinguisher and the correct manner to use the extinguisher. A motivating factor would be a need to know the proper skills are important to the outcome of a situation if a fire were to breakout. The need theory is there a need to know how to use an extinguisher and the rewards are being able to save lives. “Being able to use a fire extinguisher is something every adult and junior high school child should know according to the local fire department.”

It is important that each person understands that all fire extinguishers cannot be used on all types of fires. Take for instance CO2 extinguisher is basically water and cannot be used on computers or electrical equipment. This small type of information could not only saves live, but in the event the fire can be contained by using an extinguishers you could save thousand of dollars by knowing that a halon extinguisher is the one that should be used on electrical fires. Or that by purchasing an ABC extinguisher it could be used on most any types fires. People need cost saving as well life saving mechanism.


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