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Motivation for Employees

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Essay title: Motivation for Employees

Can your motivation recommendations for FMC Green River be effective at other companies? Why or why not? Use the text, other materials, and your own experience to support your argument. If you use other sources, cite them using APA guidelines.

The motivation could be effective for a lot of other companies as well as Green River. I believe that with hard work and a set plan you can accomplish anything. The difficulty that other companies might have is to get the employees to understand and adapt to the new rules, policies or procedures of the companies. FMC Aberdeen had the luxury of picking and choosing their employees to reflect their company policy, Bob Lancaster picked his co workers and employees personally, so this gave FMC Aberdeen an added bonus. And due to the fact that the company is so small, it was easy for Lancaster to keep all the employees on the same page. At Aberdeen workers are given responsibility and are required to trust each other, that’s what makes them so successful. However for other companies to adapt to this policy, it would require some time, patience and determination. With hard work anything is possible.

As of right now I work at JPMorgan Chase, and as many of you might know Chase bank bought out Bank one and there is a still a merger that is still being completed at this time. At work everyday there is a new challenge, the workflow is very frustrating and hectic due to the integration of the two banks. Two organizations are being combined into one, and there are a lot instances when you have to trust the other person, that you barely know to complete the assigned work in time. There are a lot of employees who get frustrated and sometimes the morale is low due to technical difficulties in the integration process, this is where motivation plays part. There are a number of techniques I used to keep my fellow employees motivated about their work.

Here are a few examples of what a company or individual might be able to do to motivate employees:

• Make only the minimum number of rules and policies needed to protect your organization legally and create order in the work place.

• Publish the rules and policies and educate all employees.

• With the involvement of many employees, identify organizational values and write value statements and a professional code of conduct.

• Express the expectation that people make decisions that will improve their work.

• Reward

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