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Music - an Important Factor

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Essay title: Music - an Important Factor

hmmm... what would we have done if it weren't for music? I dont know. Maybe we all would have been the most ultra boring and most drabbest people alive in the universe. God there are so many different types of music; rock and its sub divisions, hip hop, jazz, blues, rap, techno, pop, etc. the list of these are never ending and have captured the hearts of almost all the people of our planet. The music world is filled with different people from different places across the world. I bet even aliens must be having their kind of music in their planet!

There have been so many artists who have managed to turn heads, prick ears and even empty pockets! Idols like Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra and the new age artists or bands like audioslave, papa roach, will smith, eminem (marshall mathers II) and others have contributed to the new genres in music. Music has the ability to cheer up poor souls, enlighten minds and even get people to tap away their feet and shake their BOOTIES!

In the present generation people have become obsessed in music and therefore mp3 players, Discmans or discmen, walkmans or walkmen and iPods, CD player (systems) have been invented. And even computers have the ability to save songs and play them. There are also a number of channels that play music videos as well viz. MTV, channel V, B4U, vh1.etc. There are even illegal mp3 downloading software of different companies.

Music has evolved as an essential part of every human being’s life. Its has become so important that in every household you will find a CD player,

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