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Olympic Games 2012 - Markating Mix

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Essay title: Olympic Games 2012 - Markating Mix

The Olympic Games - London 2012

London is one of the great and most diverse world cities – and that means it’s always growing and changing. Winning the bid to host the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games has provided a boost to London’s renewal, giving the opportunity to enhance and accelerate existing plans, and making new projects possible.

The Games will take place throughout July – September 2012:

Olympics takes place 27th July – 12th August

Paralympics takes place 29th August – 9th September

• 26 Olympic sports in 31 venues

• 20 Paralympic sports in 21 venues

• 10,250 Olympic athletes and 4,000 Paralympic athletes

• 20,000 press and media

• Over 9 million tickets

London 2012’s ambition is to create Games for everyone, where everyone is invited to take part, join in and enjoy the most exciting event in the world. They will create the most accessible and participative Games. It will touch people as it has never done before, stimulating people to do more and to try new things and reassess what we are all capable of. London 2012 has sport at its heart and London at the centre, but it is more than London and more than sport. It is a Games for London, the UK and the rest of the world, for sport and culture, for volunteers and business. (http/

London 2012 Marketing and Sponsorship Plans

The organizers plan to draft a sponsorship strategy which will enable companies to understand the categories of sponsorship that will be available and the huge and unique marketing opportunities which come from the combination of the worlds powerful Olympic brand and one of the most iconic cities. The importance of protecting sponsor investment will be secured by the IOC's comprehensive brand protection programme. The Olympic partners, sponsors and providers are the lifeblood of the Olympic Movement and have made outstanding contributions to success of the Olympic Games and deserve continued support and protection. Strong controls on the use of the Olympic symbols and brand are essential for creating the right environment for attracting and supporting companies who wish to become Olympic sponsors. The London 2012 Games will minimise the planning and operational differences between the two multi sport events (Olympic and Paralympic Games) and lead to new commercial opportunities for the Paralympic Games. This is a great environment which will help to get the best results for the Paralympic Games, as well. They calculate with revenues from IOC administered broadcasting rights and the Worldwide Olympic Partners (TOP) programmes, while London organisers are obtain revenues from ticket sales, licensing, including merchandise and domestic sponsorship and suppliership programmes.

The brand

For the first time, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be part of the same brand family.

London is using a powerful brand in order to achieve their ambition. A brand that combines the power of the Olympic rings and the city of London together.


The number 2012 is their brand. It is universal and understandable worldwide. The aim was to create a palette of colours, lines and shapes that create energy, inspiration and interest. The logo comes as pink, orange, green or blue and the animated version online changes between the four colours. The emblem is simple, distinct, bold and full with energy. Its form is inclusive yet consistent and has incredible flexibility to encourage access and participation. It can communicate with anyone from commercial organisations to kids playing sport.

It feels young in spirit. Full of confidence, certainty and opportunity. The Games' Marks can be used with the authorisation of the London 2012 Organising Committee. Authorisation will only be given to official sponsors, licensees and non-commercial partners.

Promotion and PR

The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games represent a unique opportunity to promote London as the best city in the world for investment, holidays, business and learning, and to show the city as a world centre for the financial, cultural, scientific, technological, film and creative industries.In the years before the Games, as well during

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