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The Olympic Games

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Essay title: The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is a prestigious event where athletes from all over the world

compete in many different kind of sports for honour and glory. Just like the World

Cup Soccer, it is held every four years but as two separate competitions which are the

winter and summer competition. According to About, the ancient Olympic Games

were founded Heracles, a son of Zeus ( 2004, Internet ). According to Wikipedia, the

Games slowly lost importance when the Romans strenghtened in Greece and when

Christianity became the official religion of the Roman, the Christian hegemony felt

threatened by the Olympic Games. Hence, in 393, Emperor Theodosius ended a

thousand year period of Olympic Games ( 2004, Internet ). Wikipedia states that a

revival of the Olympic Games was made by Pierre, Baron de Coubertin with two

goals in vision, which are to bring nations closer together, to have the youth of the

world compete in sports, rather than fight in war (2004, Internet ).About states that,

the revival was made approximately 1500 years later ( 2004, Internet ). Olympic may

be defined as a sports festival held every four years in different countries ( Oxford

Dictionary, 2001, p.623 ). This event not only brings nations together to celeberate

humanity and compete, but also helps the host cities in many ways. This essay will

argue that the urban regeneration, infrastructure improvements, and the economic

growth brings benefits to the host cities.

Firstly, urban regeneration is the rejuvanation of the run-down urban areas. Run-

down urban areas may be defined as unused areas. Host cities of the Olympic Games

may use the opportunity to revitalised areas that they fine suitable. The reasons for

revitalising run-down urban areas are to transform unused hectares of land into future

residential and business area. It brings both short and long term benefits to the city.

According to Hotel Online, Sydney hosted the Olympic Games on a place where it

had been an unusable swamp, brick works, a meat packing and war materiel dump

area. The rejuvination of this site due to the Olympic Games turned this area into a

location that offers world-class sporting facilities and one of the largest and top

knotch service residential area in Sydney (2001, Internet ). Urban Regeneration could

also enhance cultural and environmental elements of the city. According to McKay

and Plumb, projects in Athens were aimed to regenerate disused quarries and former

army camps and also to establish park, recreation and environmental education areas.

The project in Athens would also enhance major archaeological sites (2001, Internet ).

In every Olympic Games, an Olympic Village will be built. It will be the heart of the

Olympic Games where everything will be concentrated in the village. Therefore, this

makes the construction of the village very important for the host city. The feature of

the Olympic Villages in each host cities can have huge impacts on urban development

of the city. The features include design, location and form of the village ( Hotel

Online, 2001, Internet ). McKay and Plumb states that, the Olympic Village was the

key to urban regeneration in Sydney and Barcelona. It

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