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Paper on Ethics

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Essay title: Paper on Ethics

It is important to understand the issues that underlies in an individual’s behavior within an organization. As good companies are driven by people who are all pulling towards the same direction and working for a common goal, the behavior of those people can have a major impact on the overall performance of the organization. Some of the many factors they may play a role in behavioral change within an employee are stress levels, lack of recognition and motivation amongst other variables. Some of the many programs offered as an alternative to a work force who is dissatisfied are incentive, reward and recognition programs.

People are real quick to react to incentive program, but programs that are non monetary do not get much attention as there is no financial gain. In my experience non monetary programs are not highly valued and do not motivate people because the work force does not see no upside to the program. People usually look at programs like this as receiving something they are not going to use, do not need, or do not care much for which is the reaction I have gotten from these programs that do not offer some sort of incentive in return. Now a personal day off, an extra day vacation or even a merit increase for a job well done, could cause a huge reaction in the work force that translates into better performance, happier people and more productivity as people want to have these opportunities or qualify for these rewards. These are all external motivators that helps drive performance within an organization. When the needs of a person are not met by the organization

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