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Payroll System

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Essay title: Payroll System


Payroll integration with General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation Modules

Integration with the GL module enables easy posting of Journal Entries for Payroll transactions to the GL through the Transfer Data to GL or Period-End Closing functions, respectively.

Integration with AP module allows linking of a deduction record to an AP Vendor and report on deduction liability for posting to an AP invoice in order to facilitate deduction remittance.

Integration with BR module allows all recorded Payroll checks to be available for reconciliation of the related bank account. For easy identification, transaction descriptions and references are also displayed during bank reconciliation. You are able to choose whether to show the employee names associated with Payroll check amounts during reconciliation.

Accounts Payable integration with Purchase Order Module

Integration with the PO module allows you to record and track a purchase transaction from order entry, through receipt and invoicing, to payment. This allows more effective management of your inventory and vendor relationships.

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