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Peer-To-Peer Networking and Operations

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Essay title: Peer-To-Peer Networking and Operations

Peer-to-Peer Networking and Operations

Peer-to-peer (p2p) networking allows resources to be shared between computers on a network. The low-cost and easy setup makes them ideal for a small network. (Bird and Harwood) In a p2p network all the computers considered equal, they all have the same capabilities to use the network resources.

The largest advantage of peer-to-peer networks is the low initial costs because there is no need to purchase a dedicated server. Another advantage is that Windows XP only requires minor reconfiguring to work within a p2p network.

The largest disadvantages to a p2p network include back-up issues due to the lack of having a centralized repository for file storage. This can be overcome by implementing a back-up policy to where the network users are to store their files to be backed up on one computer within the network. A p2p network does not provide the security that would be available on a client/server network; this is because with a client/server network security can be enforced through the server. With a p2p network each computer must have the security applied on each system.

With only four PCs to share a printer and Internet connection a p2p network will be sufficient with the use of a hub/router and some Cat5 cable. Wal-Mart carries both at competitive prices. Their 25ft Cat5 cable runs around eight dollars a piece and a wired router can be purchased

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