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Personal Computing in Smart Home

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Essay title: Personal Computing in Smart Home

A smart home makes personal computing easier and it has many other benefits. By setting up a home network, the internet will be made accessible from anywhere in the house. Imagine yourself accessing the internet from your room or the kitchen instead of facing the computer in just one location. Wouldn't that be more comfortable? Imagine yourself not having to fight for the internet line. Imagine being able to simultaneously access the web anytime you like. Sounds good?

Welcome to the world of smart home. In a smart home, you get to network all your computing resources and devices. For example, a printer can be shared among multiple computers through a LAN. That would save you the cost of getting a printer for each computer. Apart from that, your personal computer can even be turned into a videophone. Why wait till the next holiday to see your family members or friends? By using high-speed broadband networks like cable-modems, DSL, or even VDSL, videoconferencing can be made available. You can then communicate with your loved ones anytime you like.

One of the benefits of connecting all your computers to the same local area network is that you can actually do things in a more organised and co-ordinated way. For example, if you want to create back up files for a computer, you can actually create a schedule on one computer and have it access

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