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Petroleum System: From Source to Trap

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Essay title: Petroleum System: From Source to Trap

I. Introduction 3

II. What is petroleum? 3-4

III. Source Rock: 4-7

a. Formation of Petroleum in the Source Rocks

b. Types of source rocks

c. Migration of petroleum

4. Reservoir: 7-11

1. Formation of the Reservoir

2. Types of Reservoir

3. Its main properties

4. The relation between reservoir and the other

Components of the petroleum system

5. Trap 11-16

1. The Definition of Trap and How the Trap Works

2. The Distribution of Petroleum in Trap

3. Structural Trap

4. Stratigraphic Trap

6. An Example of a Complete Petroleum System 16-20

VII. Recommendation and Conclusion 20-21

VIII. References 22-23

I. Introduction

This paper covers a very interesting topic for people who are keen on the geological concepts to the discovery of petroleum. The subject matter itself covers research findings on how related areas in petroleum discovery can be appreciated by students in this particular field; more so, by ordinary people who may or may not have a deeper

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