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Powerpoint Presentation Requirements

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Essay title: Powerpoint Presentation Requirements

PowerPoint Presentation Requirements

Final Project

The purpose of the final project is to apply your understanding of business computer applications that you have been exposed to during the semester. Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation on a business topic, issue, or problem related to computers, business, workforce readiness, and/or employability issues. Submit your topic area of interest during the first week of April by email for approval.

The Topic: Business Topic Related to Technology and/or the Textbook.

Below are only examples:

• Computers in the Workforce

• Technology in 21st Century

• Building Teams or Globalization

• Employment Readiness

• Organizational Development

• Diversity in the workplace

• Work Related Issues or any subject from the textbook

The objective of the final project is to provide students with critical thinking skills and some experience in applying the concepts and methods of technology related to a real business topics, issues, or problems. To complete the assignment students must do the following:

• Email a half page proposal or summary no later than April 15 containing a brief description of the topic, issue or problem of student’s presentation.

• Submit PowerPoint Presentation: TBA - Final’s week is May 5-8.

1. Post under Discussions- Final Project for student review

2. Submit under the assignments/final project for a grade

3. Email a copy of the PowerPoint file to the instructor

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