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Teaching Adults to Read Using Technology with Powerpoint Presentations

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Teaching Adults to Read Using Technology with Powerpoint Presentations

Teaching Adults to Read Using Technology with PowerPoint Presentations

Adults who are learning to read should enter into the instructional setting with a desire to learn. They have the capacity to learn and to problem solve in real world settings of more or less complexity. Most of the adults encountered in adult basic education programs will have much practical knowledge of the world (Starr, 1998). They will have many beliefs and attitudes about teaching, learning, opportunities in life, success, failure, who gets ahead and who does not, and a general philosophy of what life is all about and how it is to be lived. Most will have some idea that they are in reading instruction to change some aspect of their life - to be a better parent by being able to read to their children and to serve as better role models, improve their chances in life and their self esteem by "finishing their education" and getting a high school equivalency certificate, improving their employability or getting a promotion, administering to their spiritual needs by reading religious materials, or improving their access to entertainment and personal enjoyment through reading (Behrmann, 2001).


By considering literacy as competence in working with visual technology, instructors can help adult learners understand that much of what is encountered in teaching and learning reading results from the fundamental characteristics of visual displays. PowerPoint is an excellent example of how information can be stored over time and retrieved later on for an individual study session. It also provides for learning in both a student and teacher-directed situation

It can add a new dimension to learning allowing teachers to explain abstract concepts, while accommodating all learning styles. Used properly, PowerPoint can be one of the most powerful tools for disseminating information ever known (Howell, 2000).

PowerPoint allows you to produce many different types of media such as pictures, sounds, charts, flashcards, and slide

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