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Pr Campaign: Final Paper

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Essay title: Pr Campaign: Final Paper

PR Campaign: Final Paper

University of Phoenix

Public Relations / MKT 438

Charles Bocage, Dean of Education,

Apagy Technology Group, MBA, MSIS, TQM

January 29, 2007

PR Campaign: Final Paper

Executive Summary

Riordan is a global leader in plastic container manufacturing. Riordan’s major customers are automotive, aircraft manufactures, and beverage bottlers. Riordan employs over 550 people with projected annual earnings of $46 million. Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with revenues in excess of $1 billion, own the company. (Apollo 2006).

Currently Riordan needs to create an image of being an organization that promotes diversity in the workplace. Riordan hopes to paint a picture for all employees to see, which will show how important everyone is to the organization. Performance will be the basis of promotions. Riordan wants every employee to know that everyone has an equal chance to advance, and that promotions will be based on a job well done. With so many pollutants in the world today, Riordan also wants to focus on becoming more socially responsible through out the community, and the environment. Riordan is dedicated to informing the public that even though they create a product that may not always seem environmental friendly, they are aware of the public concerns.

In order to launch a successful public relations (PR) campaign, certain factors will need to be identified and implemented, such as ethical considerations, technology, globalization, crisis management plan, budget, and a strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. The public relations campaign will have a great effect on the marketing strategy for Riordan. In order for a PR campaign to run smoothly, both marketing and the public relations team would need to work together.

The PR campaign will help promote the campaign as a highly needed event. Most executives view marketing, as a need, but few are able to understand why they need it. Marketing is a great way to know who our target audience is, and how the intended information will get across. In today’s business world, we can take advantage of many marketing functions. For example, we can use email, television, or direct contact. Marketing is also a vital factor in knowing what type of budget we are working with. This situation presents a difficult dilemma for many marketing managers. How do they measure the economic contributions of activities long considered immeasurable, and do so within the context of the company’s existing organization structure.

Pubic relations make sure to providing the targeted individuals with an image of the truth, and help bring motivation in order to bring a sense of urgency. Both public relations and marketing help apply their concepts to each area of the industry, or issue that is being addressed. Public relations managers handle organizational functions such as media, and investor relations, “which do more than tell a story.” Public relations managers must understand the attitudes, concerns of the community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups in order to establish a relationship. (Hung 2005)

PR Issues Identified

In order for Riordan to achieve profitability, they will need to restructure how it is they do business in regards to the consumer, employees, and their investors. Riordan’s public relations will need to focus on creating a better customer information database that will capture new and current customer’s information. This will help Riordan attend to their customers needs, and help build a stronger customer relationship. Riordan will also need to promote their products by using trade shows and encourage customers to take advantages of their price discounts.

Another area of opportunity is Riordan’s very own talent. In order for the company to continuously provide a quality product, with exceptional service Riordan needs to retain their employees. The way they can do this is by inventing new ways of providing a teamwork environment, with team building exercises. Riordan will also need to focus on keeping employees up to date on new products, technology, and the strength of the company. This will build employee moral, and empower then to feel a sense of ownership. Last, Riordan will need to build an incentive program that rewards employees for their strong performance.


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