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Pr Campaign: Overview Paper

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Essay title: Pr Campaign: Overview Paper

A National Security Breach

Citi mortgage, a subsidiary of Citi Bank has issued a national PR release. Citi Mortgage of Fenton, Missouri, has publicly notified the public as of May 20, 2006 several hundred mortgage applications filed by previous Citi Mortgage customers have been lost by The United Parcel Service package company of Earth City, Missouri.

Citi mortgage member’s social security numbers, salary information, bank account identification numbers and the home address of clients and their references have been lost in the transition process at UPS since April 2, 2006. UPS has taken full responsibility for the lost files and has prepared its own PR release to notify the public on what actions are being taken to find the missing files.

UPS target audience for the PR campaign are, the individuals who are immediately affected by the lost files, Citi Group, public and private stock holders, the public interest and the UPS organization.

Ethical implications with UPS, is to utilize a public liability PR campaign. UPS will take a legal responsibility to compensate all parties involved for damages resulting from the lost files. In the same sense Citi Mortgage must work along side UPS to assure that the public interests is a top priority. UPS taking on responsibility shows in its PR campaign the importance of handling the situation in a timely manner. The cost has been accured by insurance liability. UPS ethical concern is that the internal and external customer is satisfied with the way UPS has taken responsibility for its mishap.

The Strategic marketing plan that will support UPS PR campaign is to use a single-use plan. This plan incorporates having a goal, strategy, and tactics. UPS first line of determining its strategic goal is to establish what will provide the public with the most positive image of the organization. Developing PR goals that send a message to the public of UPS purpose, which is to provide on time and reliable service to all individuals or companies needing a package delivered. To announce the mission of the company in print and advertising that UPS still stands on four major principles, which are service, quality, production, and safety. Also, developing objectives to giving a more positive outlook of why UPS has been the number one shipping company for over four decades. Last is to use different strategies such as community service, web blogs, newsprint, and multi-media to provide the benefits of utilizing UPS as a shipping provider.

Using a single-use plan, UPS will focus on programs such as community involvement, projects such as identity theft awareness programs, campaigns that discuss how UPS is developing its system so that problems of lost packages will not be an issue in the near future. In a

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